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Louie Austen: The King of Electro -Swing

Markus Hanny Gatsby Party 2016-11-05

Louie Austen is known in many Clubs in Europe and worldwide. Even more – he is an institution. The gran seigneur of the swing – a crooner, who sings himself – with his warm voice, esprit and charm into the hearts of his fans. He is the best representative for your “Great Gatsby Party”. With the “good old” romantic songs and the electric swing he creates a connection between the past and the present.

He feels himself at home in various genres of the music business. In earlier days you could meet him in New York and Las Vegas, where he discovered his love to the music of the great entertainers like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin or Sammy Davis Jr. There he also achieved big success with “The Harlem Blues & Jazz Band“.

A new side of his flexibility we see in songs like “One night in Rio”, “Hoping” and “Glamour Girl”. Floatingly he is also moving in genres like electric swing, latin and house.

Booking:  Electro Swing, 20ies, 3oies …

                   Classic Bar Music (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin ….)