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LED – Digital Shows

LED - Light - Walking Acts

Choose your very special LED costume for your evening event.  These exceptional figures will amaze your guests.

Digital Dance Show

A digital dance show with LED-costumes in “Dirndl” and “Lederhosen”-style. We offer a fixed show. We can also aopted the show on our customers wish, regarding music, choreography and length. It is also possible to include your logo at the end of the show. Contact us and we will be glad to make you an […]


The LED show is perfect to express innovation and dynamism. Your company logo can be integrated into the show with Poi’s (see YouTube logo below).


This artists paint pictures of color and light in the dark. A very dynamic show with dancers and acrobats using LED -Elements and Black-Light-effects. The show is only possible in obscurity!

LED - Performance

This is the perfect combination of dance and LED costumes. The performance seems to be a vision of the future. The figures seem to float through the air or suddenly disappear and then reappear elsewhere at almost the same moment. In Germany’s “Got 2 Dance” by Pro7 they made it to the finals. The broadcaster […]