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Circus & Acrobats

Multimedia Juggling Show

This isn’t just juggling, it’s a real-time multimedia performance that’s second to none. The young jugglers present a show on the next higher evolutionary level of light performance. Here traces of light are generated on a projection surface by the movement of luminous objects and a real-time video effect. The result is an incredibly dynamic […]

The greatest Show - The Circus-Show

It’s more than a circus and more than a musical. It’s the circus attraction of the year. It’s “The Greatest Show”. Singers, dancers, acrobats, jugglers, clowns. This concept was created in cooperation with great musical performers and one of the most renowned circus companies in Austria. We offer extraordinary entertainment for your guests in the […]

One Man Program - acrobatics music

Concert or circus performance? Yes. Acrobatics on the mast, on armchairs, on the floor. Instrumental, vocal, loop-based music. An entertaining, spectacular, demanding one-man program. This extraordinary artist has been on stage for 20 years and has also developed concepts and choreographies for artistic performances. Whether as a choreographer for an internationally successful show group or […]

Mapping Show

  Impressive performance with dance, Video ans light animation. Your own show is created in close cooperation between customers and our creative team. Logo, text, color and music will be adapted to your topic. Contact us and we will be pleased to send you more information.

Flying Champagne Girl

A very elegant vertical show for unique events. The acrobat serves Champagne to your guests, while she seems to float over the floor. 

Zirkus- und Seifenblasen

This adorable artists convince the audiance with incredible creativity and expression. The charming top class entertainers show a fantastically beautiful, romantic show. The couple presents a mix of a soap bubble show, dancing ropes (lasso acrobatics with expressive dance), a fast-paced dance show and a funny tennis juggling performance. We would be glad to send […]

Akrobatik - Comediens

This three performers already have years of international success under their belts. With their unique mix of dance, acrobatics and pantomime, the three comedians have bedazzled audiences everywhere from New York to Tokyo. order the video here:  You will be delighted. Weitere Referenzen: Gewinner des Festival International du Cirque de Demain, Montreal, Kanada 2013 […]

Circus & Varieté Dinner Show

This evening is a mix of circus and varieté. Show girls are receiving the guests, different artists like juggler, contorsionist or aerial acrobats will present their Shows. The evening will be completed with singing and dancing acts. Depending on the size of the location and the budget, we will create a suitable program for you.

Freerunning /Parkour

Parkour- and freerunners jump, flip and twist. They nearly fly over obstacles, turn over their colleagues and do much more crazy things. The young crew impresses with sporty, dynamic stunts that are second to none. The shows can be booked for indoor and outdoor events. The artists are also available for stunts in films, commercials […]


The LED show is perfect to express innovation and dynamism. Your company logo can be integrated into the show with Poi’s (see YouTube logo below).


Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Wenn Sie einen absolut spektakulären Act für Ihren Event wollen, dann haben Sie hier einen gefunden. Der Slackliner geht überall dort drüber, wo eine Slackline gespannt werden kann, z.b. zwischen Gebäuden, Bäumen, über Straßen, über Teiche, in Hallen über den Köpfen der Zuseher und fesselt so die […]

Vertical Show

The audience see a breath-taking aerialistic-choreography, which impresses with dynamic and synchronism. We are presenting flying acrobats with fascinating partner work and elements of classical ballett. They create moments full of adrenalin and emotion. Your brand is got to be the centre of the show. Your message will be connected with a fascinating experience and […]

Akrobatik Show

Jumping and whirling people, double somersaults, human pyramids towering up to the ceiling or a girl used as a jump rope. These young acrobats offer you the guaranteed WOW effect at every event. They impressed an international audiance at different TV-Shows, as well as at the Formula 1 Gran Prix circuit from BAHRAIN.


These artists were the semi-finalists of “Britans got Talent 2014”. You can’t buy a better fire show in Europe for money! 12 minutes, 6 artists, 1 unforgettable experience!

Hula Hoop-Show

Black and white spirals twist to melting ellipses, which create a lively and cheeky duet, to electro-swing music. The performance is perfect for indoor and smaller event locations. There is also the possibility of a fire show and a UV show. Absolute darkness is required for the UV show. Video and technical requirements on request! […]

Die Morphs - Das Original

The morphs are fascinating characters that can be used to promote a product. They get a lot of attention when distributing flyers. They can also perfect for welcome your guests at events – as living dolls. The colored figures always arouse curiosity. A feast for the eyes when they start to move elegantly between mime, […]

Mono Wheel

A hypnotic act that captivates with its purity and clarity and at the same time develops an enormous speed. The artist races across the stage with his wheel – an exciting undertaking that requires strength and concentration. DEMO – CYRWHEEL


Das Duo verzaubert das Publikum durch kraftvolle Akrobatik – einer Mischung aus spektakulären Würfen und extremen Balance-Elementen. Atemberaubende Partnerakrobatik verschmilzt durch kraftvolle Choreografie mit der Musik zu einem pulsierenden Gesamtkunstwerk. Ein Beweis für Vertrauen, Zusammenhalt und unglaubliche Energie.  


Objects are magically brought to life and the laws of physics no longer seem to apply. Probably the most sensual form of juggling. Strength and body control combined with elegance, beauty and humorous elements. A mix of juggling, dance, pantomime, acrobatics and magic. DEMO – KONTAKTJONGLAGE  


Mit der Eleganz von Balletttänzern präsentieren die Akrobaten einen poetischen Traum am Vertikaltuch. Schwerelos wie im Wasser schweben sie in den Lüften, mal atemberaubend schnell rotierend – dann mit sinnlicher Langsamkeit sich verbiegend. Ein Akrobatik-Act im Solo oder auch im Duo.

Capoeira - Brasilianischer Kampf-Tanz

Capoeira  is a Brazilian material art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics and music. It was developed in Brazil mainly by Angolans, at the beginning of the 16th century. It is known for its quick and complex maneuvers, predominantly using power, speed, and leverage across a wide variety of kicks, spins and techniques.

Flying Cube - Würfelakrobatik

Large luminous cube. Breathtaking performance of acrobats, combined with a great multimedia show. We can include your logo in the performance. VIDEO – Cube Akrobatik