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Fairytale Characters

The princesses and fairytale characters  are the hit at every children´s event. This entertainment is particularly suitable for summer parties, company parties with children and shopping malls. Our young actresses not only look beautiful in their original costumes, they also embody the respective characters with heart and soul.  Offered programs: photos and autographs with the […]

LED - Light - Walking Acts

Choose your very special LED costume for your evening event.  These exceptional figures will amaze your guests.

Mobile Jazz Band

No stage, no cables, little space needed. A mobile piano and portable drums, this is unique in Austria. This “mobile” band plays current chart hits in the spirit of the golden swing era. And now even as walking act! In a few minutes they can move from one place to another. All intruments are battery […]

Special created Walk Acts

We offer walking acts for your special topics. Let us know your ideas and we implement your wishes creatively and true to the original. There is already a large selection in our collection. However, if you have a special idea, costumes can be made due to your wishes. Company color and logo printing can also […]

Exclusive Walk Acts

We offer special walk acts on different themes: floral patterns, body paintings, 20ies, fairy tales or living dolls. We also comply special wishes of our customors. Our designers, make up artist and bodypainters realize nearly every idea.

Sign Spinning

This kind of advertising can be used almost anywhere. You can apply for a new product, a new location or branch with little effort but enormous effect. If you place the Sign Spinners at the right place you will get 100% of attention.  


Die Spiegelfrau “schwebt” durch die Gänge und Straßen. Dieser Walk-Act sorgt für Aufsehen. Unter dem Kostüm aus vielen, kleinen Spiegeln verbirgt sich ein Segway und so scheint die Figur fast schwerelos dahinzugleiten.


Venetian figures, colorful birds, robots, Sherlock Holmes, a bouncing Easter bunny and much more! Our stilt walkers not only attract the attention of the audience due to their size, but also impress with their charm and their friendliness.


We provide not only lovely, but also multilingual hostesses/hosts for a smooth procedure of your event. They can take care about guest reception, the guest list, the wardrobe, the information desk, promotion und more.


Laser Walking Act with spectacular costumes for clubbing and innovative events. The figures can also appear in stilts or move in electric boogaloo style.  

Flying Champagne Girl

A very elegant vertical show for unique events. The acrobat serves Champagne to your guests, while she seems to float over the floor. 

Paper Girls

The costumes of the girls can be made of a newspaper, with your company brochure, or with a special paper of the corporate colour . In any case – an eye-cacher.   


A really unique walk-act to impress your guests and customers. Not only for kids – also adults are amazed – like here in the Game-City in Vienna.


This caricaturist has his unique style as artist. He draws his models in a “cool” or in a “special-keen”  way. He works  since more than 10 years as a caricaturist in Vienna and got numerous international awards for his art.  A caricaturist can be a perfect side act for a big event or the main […]

Osterhase mieten

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Es gibt noch freie Termine. Buchen Sie diesen süßen, weißen Osterhasen für Ihre Veranstaltung. Wir bieten nicht nur das hochwertige Kostüm, sondern auch den “passenden Inhalt”. Unsere netten und kinder-freundliche Darsteller freuen sich auf einen Einsatz bei Ihrer Veranstaltung.

Bodypainting - Gustav Klimt uvm.

Ein Walk-Act für nationale und internationale Events. Models mit aufgemalten Klimt-Motiven und anderen fantasievollen Kreationen, nach Wunsch des Kunden – empfangen Ihre Gäste. Eine außergewöhnliche Begrüßung, mit der Sie sich als Gastgeber hervorheben.

The living bush

A very funny walk-act. This bush is situated discreetly at the entrance. He can welcome the people. In the moment he is moving, the guests will be really surprised.        

Superheroes: Batman, Spiderman

Book our superheroes for your event: Spiderman, Batman, Lara Croft etc.  

Rosen im Ballon

A great give-away for weddings, shopping centers, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day … Especially the ladies love this small presents!

The Aquabox

The Aquabox is unique and a new form of product presentation. It is transportable and the motifs in the Aquabox can be customized according the customer´s requirements. In the box, dancers, actors or even your employees can be presented according your wishes. There are no limits in using costumes, body-paintings and accessories. It is also […]

Strolling table

The girl with the moving table serves an appetizer or distributes flyers. A real eye-catcher to receive your guests. Tell us your preferred colour(s) as well as design idea and we create your special table for your event. Artists in the tables are goodlooking, communicative dancers for an elegant and entertaining walking act. If needed […]

Easter Chicken

This is another walk act for the easter party. A funny rider on a chicken definitely attracts attention. This act is also possible on stilts.

Schwebender Künstler

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. Dieser Act sorgt auf jeden Fall für Erstaunen und Gesprächsstoff. Ideal zum Empfang der Gäste für indoor und outdoor geeignet.

Models - Living Dolls

Models als Living-Dolls. Stellen Sie unsere “Schaufenster-Puppen” in Ihren Schauraum oder in die Auslage. Die Aufmerksamkeit der Kunden ist Ihnen sicher, vor allem, wenn Sie dann wie von Geisterhand zum Leben erweckt werden und zur Überraschung aller, kleinen Showeinlagen darbieten.

Das Kaiserpaar: Sissy & Franz

Sissy and the emperor – a photo with the royal couple is a wonderful souvenir. Our couple is also able to dance the waltz. You can book them also together with a complete classic Vienna Dance Show. 

Die Morphs - Das Original

The morphs are fascinating characters that can be used to promote a product. They get a lot of attention when distributing flyers. They can also perfect for welcome your guests at events – as living dolls. The colored figures always arouse curiosity. A feast for the eyes when they start to move elegantly between mime, […]

Rolling Acts

Funny figures, which make their jokes with people on roller skates.


Er kommt aus den 30-er Jahren. Direkt aus Chicago. Er kennt Al Capone. Er putzt ihm die Schuhe. Mit seinem professionellen Auge erkennt er sofort, welche Behandlung seine Klientel benötigt. Sei es eine Auffrischung der Politur oder eine Komplettreinigung des Schuhwerks. Er hat für alle das Richtige in seinem Schuhputzkasten. Er unterhält seine Kundschaft mit […]